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It is a donation project from person to person, but all automatic, through the platform and this is sent to the recipients of the users. We use Bitcoin. WITH A SYSTEM OF 5 phases, of only one level of each phase, at the moment we only work 3 first phases, in order to cycle faster, all the accounts that complete cycle in the third phase, start again automatically in the first phase, thus generating a whirlpool, that the first help the last and the last to the first again and constantly, thus generating a constant and endless rotation like the hands of a clock.
Everything is automated, do not worry about UP GRADE.
Do not worry about how to apply for your benefits, the automated system sends to your wallet, without asking.

A single Universal Link, which advances from left to right without leaving empty spaces, all enter INDIA FILA, here nobody has their own references, the references are distributed by all to help each other.
First phase you enter with a single donation of $ 55.00 USD the value of Bitcoin.


FIRST PHASE: $ 55.00 in Bitcoin

Receive The 4 donations of $ 55.00 X 4 = $ 220.00.
With these gains the system is automatically activated to the second phase. With $ 150.00.
It also generates a new account in the first phase of MiniBtcMagic with $ 45.00.
It also generates a new account in the first phase of BtcMagic with $ 16.00.
Sending the rest of the benefits to your wallet automatically $ 9.00 Less fees and 5%.


SECOND PHASE: $ 150.00

Receive 6 donations purchase of $ 150.00 x 4 = $ 600.00.
You advance to the 3 phase with $ 300.00, Rest of earnings $ 300.00.
With these gains the system generates a new account in FIRST PHASE of SocialFoundss with $ 55.00.
It also generates 1 Account in CAPITALIZING PHASE 1 X $ 25.00 = $ 25.00.
It also generates 1CONENTS in 1 SOCIAL PHASEFOUNDSS 2 X $ 55.00 $ 110.00.
It generates you 1 Account in BtcMagic 1 x $ 16.00 = $ 16.00.
Also with your earnings the system generates in your Backoffice a POSITIVE BALANCE with $ 64.00, Contribution of $ 20.00 for sustainability and close cycle to start a 2 cycle being the last the first and the first the last.
And the rest of your profits are automatically sent to your portfolio $ 120.00 Less fees and 5%.

The purpose of this BALANCE is that the system generates a new account every Sunday with $ 16.00 in BtcMagic, until that balance reaches zero. We have added this BALANCE so that the system is always in continuous movement, distributing benefits for all.
EXAMPLE: 1.000 Users advance and obtain POSITIVE BALANCE, the system will activate 1,000 new accounts every Sunday, therefore more benefits will come and many more users will have POSITIVE BALANCE, so it will generate a constant movement to our system without stopping.


THIRD PHASE: $ 300.00

Receive 4 donations of $ 300.00 x 4 = $ 1,200.00 USD. In Bitcoin.
The system generates 2 new accounts in 1 PHASE of SocialFoundss 2x $ 55.00 = $ 110.00.
The system generates 2 new accounts in the first phase BtcMagic 2 x $ 16.00 = $ 32.00.
Also 2 new accounts in MiniBtcMagic first phase $ 45.00 X 2 = $ 90.00.
Generates a BALANCE OF $ 128.00.
It also generates a CONTRIBUTION of $ 200.00.
And the rest of your profits are automatically sent to your portfolio $ 440.00 Less fees and 5%.



Join our team and donate to start the trip. You can now receive your donations



Invite your friends and they also invite your friends, as a team working for a purpose, the common good in benefits of all


BTC calculator:

btc =

BTC price:

1 BTC = 9235.52000 USD
1 BTC = 8388.35000 EUR
1 BTC = 210.570000 LTC
1 BTC = 44.4200000 ETH
1 BTC = 995963.2000 JPY
1 BTC = 7543.68000 GBP
1 BTC = 8954.99000 CHF
1 BTC = 13991.6800 AUD
1 BTC = 12746.8700 CAD
1 BTC = 16112.5400 BGN
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